Old scoring machine, “Bitter Late Years,” and if you don’t cut your salary, you’ll continue to be unemployed

The late years of “Invincible” Diego Costa (34) are bitter.

It was formerly called the ‘scoring machine’. He stood out by scoring 20 goals in 44 games in the 2012-2013 season when he was in Madrid, Atlético, Spain, and scored 36 goals in 52 games in the 2013-2014 season. After moving to Chelsea, he played as a starting striker. He scored 21 goals in 37 matches in the 2014-2015 season, ranking third (20 goals) in the English Premier League. He scored 16 goals in the 2015-2016 season and seemed to be on a solid road, exploding 22 goals in the 2016-2017 season.

However, the situation has changed 180 degrees ahead of the 2017-2018 season. Coach Antonio Conte, who took the helm of Chelsea in July 2016, had no choice but to leave the nest when he released a text message saying, “You (Costa) are not in my plan.”

Costa, who recalled the time, also said, “I tried to give Conte a joke and hug him. He was really shy,” he said. He then said, “While taking off my clothes and taking a shower, I told Conte, ‘Hug me.’ And he said, ‘No. Diego, no, it said. She even took a shower without taking off her underwear.

Meanwhile, Costa went downhill. Even after returning to his “home” Atlético Madrid, he has never scored double-digit points in a season as he has been used as a starter and replacement.

After being released as a free agent (FA) in January last year, he joined Brazil’s Atlético Minoru and led his team to win the Brazilian first division with Hulk and Copadu Brazil. However, since his contract with Atletchuku expired in January 2022, he has once again been invincible and has taken half a year off.

Costa is currently looking for a team that can play. Mexico and Uruguay are sending love calls. However, the problem is the annual salary. It wants more than $5 million (about 6.5 billion won. If he does not lower his ransom, he will have no choice but to remain unemployed.


“Popular guy in the audience.” Hwang Heechan sincerely responds to requests for fan signings

Hwang Hee-chan (26, Wolverhampton), who spent time differently than usual during basic military training this pre-season, did not play in the club’s pre-season game to take care of his body. While watching the game from the stands, the relay camera captured the scene of kindly signing autographs to the fans.

Wolverhampton beat Deportivo Alaves (Spain) 4-0 in a friendly match in Spain at 2 a.m. on the 21st (Korea Standard Time).

Hwang Hee-chan was not included in the roster. The reason is that his condition is not 100% yet.

Hwang Hee-chan played a remarkable role in the early days of his entry into the English Premier League (EPL. He scored his debut goal in his debut match and scored four goals in the first six games. Since then, he has been on a downward curve for a while, but he has reported one goal and one assist in late February and mid-March, respectively. In the 2021-2022 season, he played a total of 30 league games and scored 5 goals and 1 assist.

Since then, I have been busy in Korea. Hwang Hee-chan, who played two A matches in June, immediately entered Nonsan Training Center. After three weeks of basic military training, he was discharged from the military on Thursday. Hwang Hee-chan, the gold medalist at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games, is eligible for military service benefits.

After leaving the hospital, Hwang Hee-chan trained individually before leaving the country on the 9th. However, since he received basic military training for three weeks, he did not spend much time on training to prepare for the upcoming season.

When leaving the country, Hwang Hee-chan said, “I will focus on recovering my physical condition quickly in my team.”

Unfortunately, Hwang Hee-chan, who suffered an injury when the previous season was important, skipped the pre-season game. Wolverhampton is scheduled to play pre-season warm-up matches against Besiktash (Turkey) on the 23rd, Sporting on the 30th and Farrense (Portugal) on the 31st.

It is expected that Hwang Hee-chan will be seen in the remaining games.

Hwang Hee-chan, who was watching the game against Alaves from the stands, was caught on the broadcast screen holding a pen early in the second half and signing for a fan.

Hwang Hee-chan kindly signed his autograph to the fan who approached him. When he left for London on the 9th, he thanked the fans he faced at the airport with hand greetings and warm smiles. Hwang Hee-chan is always grateful for his fans’ presence.


Levy’s chairman has changed.Transfer Expenditure Becomes No

While Tottenham Hotspur, an English professional football team, continues its recruitment process this summer, statistics show that it has spent the most transfer fees among 20 Premier League clubs so far. As he shows a different appearance than usual, a lot of attention is being paid to him.

Tottenham did not invest a large transfer fee in recruiting players in accordance with the principle of Chairman Daniel Levy (60, England), who had been called a “scrupulous person.” As a result, it was common to miss a player who was always pushed back in recruitment, and naturally, it was far from the championship. In fact, Tottenham has no trophy since winning the English Football League (EFL) Cup in 2008.

However, Chairman Levy is continuing to take a completely different step this year. At the request of Antonio Conte (52, Italy), who wanted to have the competitiveness of the squad even before the end of last season, he is giving support by investing huge transfer fees.

As a result, even though the transfer window is still more than a month away, it has already recruited six players. Ivan Perisic (33), Fraser Foster (34), Hishalisson (25), Eve Bisuma (25), Clemant Langley (27) and Jed Spence (21) have newly worn Tottenham uniforms this summer.

Naturally, it ranked No. 1 in transfer fee spending among Premier League clubs. British media “Sky Sports” reported on the 20th (Korea Standard Time) that “Tottenham has spent the most transfer fees in the Premier League so far after the opening of the summer transfer market.”

According to reports, Tottenham’s transfer fee amounts to (115 million (about 181 billion won). He invested (60 million (about 94.5 billion) in recruiting Hishalisson, and spent 35 million (about 3,55 billion) and 3120 million (about 31.5 billion) to bring in Bisuma and Spence, respectively. Perii는 and Foster are free agents, while Langley are on loan.

The gap with second-place Manchester City is 13.9 million pounds (about 22 billion won). Behind them were Leeds United ()95.4 million), Liverpool (),91.5 million), Arsenal (),89.5 million), and Chelsea ()81.5 million).


Conte “Recruit Spence, that’s not what I wanted.”It was the choice of the club

Jed Spence (21) wore a Tottenham uniform.

Tottenham announced on its official website on the 19th (Korea Standard Time) that it has recruited Spence from Middlesbrough. The contract period is five years until 2027, and the transfer fee is known to be 20 million pounds (about 31.5 billion won).

Spence is a 184 cm right-back. Spence, who has played for Middlesbrough since 2018, was loaned to Nottingham Forest last season and took the lead in the club’s promotion to the Premier League.

He was so influential that he was included in the season’s best Eleven selected by the English Professional Footballers’ Association and the English Football League. He scored three goals and five assists in 46 games last season.

The biggest advantage is the destructive dribble breakthrough from the side. Based on active overlapping, it also has excellent one-on-one defense. There was no opponent in the second division.

He is expected to become a key player under Antonio Conte. However, according to the British media “Daily Mail” on the 19th, Spence was the player that Tottenham wanted, not the concept.

“Spence is the result of the club’s investment,” Conte said. “The club wanted him. I said, ‘I like it. This player is young and showed that he can be an important player for our team,’ he said. “In the end, the club decided to recruit him,” he said.

Conte considers the value of the wingback important while using the back-three defense. In the meantime, the weight of the right wingback has fallen. Matt Doherty and Emerson Royal are holding out, but their influence was not great. Recently, even Lucas Moura is competing by changing his position. With the addition of Spence, the wingback position became stronger.

Tottenham acknowledged Spence’s potential. “We started recruiting Fabio Paratic after seeing Nottingham Forest lead the promotion to the Premier League last season,” the media said.

“I’ve achieved my dream of playing in the Premier League,” said Premier League. “It’s an honor to play for a big club like Tottenham,” he said.


“Real fan” Koulousebski, who also exploded Son Heung-min…”Kain! Give Heungmin a free kick!”

I think I really like Son Heung-min at this point. Dejan Kouloussefsky’s remarks during the preseason tour drew attention in the UK.

Tottenham Hotspur recently wrapped up their tour in Korea. After entering the country through Incheon International Airport on the 10th, he played a friendly match with the K League, which consists of K League All-Star, on the 13th, and faced Seville FC on the 16th. In addition, Tottenham has become a “national club” during the pre-season tour, building good feelings in many ways through two open training sessions and various fan services.

Kuloussefsky’s remarks made headlines during the tour. Britain’s “Sports Bible” highlighted Koulousebski’s remarks, saying, “Tottenham’s striker Koulousebski sent a pleasant message to Harry Kane to allow Son Heung-min to kick without a free kick.”

Among the many schedules played by the Tottenham team was an interview with Coupang Play, which hosted the pre-season tour. Ryan Sessegnon, Ben Davies, and Son Heung-min, including Koulousepski, sat down.

The interviewer’s question to Kuloussefsky was like this. Three minutes before the end of the game, the score is 1-1. If he wins a free kick in this important situation, who will he choose as a free kick kicker between Kane and Son Heung-min? Kane is currently in charge of free kicks at Tottenham. In general, Kane is right to kick.

However, Kouloussefsky’s idea was different. “Hi Harry (Kane), I think you’re one of the best strikers in the world. However, if I get a free kick opportunity on Wednesday (13th), I think Son Heung-min should kick it,” he sent a “video letter” to Kane. Son Heung-min, who watched Kuloussefsky’s video letter from the side, burst into laughter.

The opinion that Son Heung-min should be appointed as a free-kick player is not just an individual opinion of Kouloussefsky. As Son Heung-min’s toes are getting sharper day after day, there are opinions among local fans that Son Heung-min should be entrusted with a free kick. This opinion was even more supportive as Son Heung-min scored with a fantastic free kick in two of the four consecutive A matches held last month.

The interview was conducted before the match against the team K League. In that game, Tottenham got a free kick opportunity right in front of the box, and Kane, not Son Heung-min, scored the goal himself. Kane made a heartwarming scene by allowing Son Heung-min to kick a penalty kick, although he did not concede to Son Heung-min.


Totally hooked on Tottenham MF… No transfer fee, Manchester United’s junior

Villarreal’s willingness to recruit Giovanni Lo Celso (26, Tottenham) is great. Even the recruitment of Edinson Cavani (35), a Manchester United striker who can be recruited without a transfer fee, has been postponed to a “subordinate.”

Spain’s As said on the 20th (Korea Standard Time), “Villa Real will seek to recruit Cavani only after transferring existing strikers such as Paco Alcacer and Arnaut Danjuma,” adding, “However, if transfer funds are raised due to the transfer of the striker, Rosselso will be the top priority.”

According to reports, Cavani can be recruited without a transfer fee after his contract with Manchester United has ended, but Villarreal’s transfer of the existing striker should be premised. And even if the strikers leave, Villarreal’s club’s recruitment of Lo Celso is the “first priority” before recruiting Cavani, according to the local explanation.

Villarreal’s “all-in” recruitment of Lo Celso is because he played as the core of the team after being recruited from Tottenham on loan in the second half of last season. He was loaned to Villarreal as if he was kicked out because he had no place in Tottenham, but he played so well that he was at the center of the team’s UEFA Champions League semifinal sensation.

As a result, Villarreal clubs such as Unai Emery are continuing to promote the recruitment of Lo Celso. As Lo Celso was virtually on the release list, including being excluded from the Korean pre-season tour list, Villarreal can recruit him if Tottenham meets the level of transfer fees they want. Lo Celso is also said to want to transfer to Villarreal.

Villarreal’s plan is to arrange existing players, especially strikers, to raise transfer funds and embrace Celso first. This is why the recruitment of Cavani, who can be recruited without a transfer fee, has been pushed back to the back. Cavani can sign with other clubs at any time, but he is firmly putting only Lo Celso as his top priority.

As said, “The transfer of Alcacer or Danzuma will not lead to Cavani’s immediate recruitment,” adding, “Villareal’s plan is to reinvest in Celso’s recruitment with profits from the transfer of existing strikers.” “This is a priority over the recruitment of Cavani and other strikers,” he added.


Kim Min-jae, Napoli ‘Completed Transfer Agreement’…an annual salary of 2.5 million euros plus a three-year contract

Kim Min-jae (Fenerbache) is on the fast track with Napoli. It was connected to a number of big teams, but the final destination seems to be Naples.

On the 21st (Korea Standard Time), “Cultope Calcio,” which specializes in Italian soccer news, said, “Fenerbache central defender Kim Min-jae has completed a verbal agreement with Napoli. He leaves Fenerbahce for the top five European leagues. Napoli are set to recruit a second central defender, he said.

Reporter Guillaume of “Euro Sports,” which deals with European soccer news, also nodded to rumors of Kim Min-jae’s transfer. Napoli beat Stadren. The contract was signed by 2027, and the annual salary will be 2.5 million euros (about 3.3 billion won). “The buyout clause of 20 million euros (about 26.8 billion won) will be invoked.”

Italian journalist “Nicolasquira” also said the contract until 2027, but according to “Di Marzio,” who followed Kim Min-jae’s news, detailed negotiations revealed that he signed a three-year contract without options.

News of Napoli’s dominance over Stadren has already spread throughout Europe. European transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano said, “Stadren and Kim Min-jae made a verbal agreement last week, but Napoli did not give up,” and Italian expert Di Marzio said, “Kim Min-jae and Stadren have moved away.” We are getting closer to Napoli.”

As big journalists in Europe weave Kim Min-jae and Naples, they are getting closer to the official announcement.

In fact, Kim Min-jae’s transfer is a big blow to Fenerbahce and me, said Kim Min-jae at an official press conference with Dinamo Kiiou, the head coach of Jeju’s “UEFA Champions League Qualification for the 2023-22 season.” Fenerbahce cannot do anything in this situation. The team negotiating with Kim Min-jae decided to pay for the buyout. He was a really important player in our tactics. However, we need to fill the gap well because there are other outstanding players,” he admitted.

In the local area, the agreement with Napoli has ended in a big framework, and only detailed coordination is left. For Kim Min-jae, Napoli, who can play in the Champions League, is more attractive than Stadren, who plays in the Europa League.

Napoli sought a replacement for Kalidou Koulibaly this summer. He was connected to Abdu Diallo of Paris Saint-Germain, but he approached Kim Min-jae strongly. Napoli recruited central defender Leo 스티stigor, but he is more likely to be a rotation resource than a main player. If Kim Min-jae joins Napoli, the competition for the starting lineup will be easier.


Holland has a fractured knee?→ Manchester City fans’ panic…At the news of the twist, I was like, “Phew.”

“Holland suffered a broken nasal bone?”

English Premier League Manchester City fans are in panic. Now, the team has gone on a pre-season tour to the United States because the Washington Post, one of the most prestigious newspapers in the United States, reported the rise of Holland. However, it turned out that it was a happening caused by the fans’ misunderstanding.

Britain’s “Daily Mail” reported on the 19th that “Manchester City fans were in panic because of the Washington Post’s tweet.”

Here’s the story. The Washington Post tweeted that Holland had broken his nasal bone. Manchester City fans who saw the tweet immediately panicked. The nasal bone is said to be the bone on the outside of the joint below the knee.

The Washington Post tweeted, “It is unclear how serious Holland’s injury is, when the nasal fracture occurred, and how long the treatment period is.”

However, Manchester City fans who only saw this tweet mistook it as Elling Holland, who was recruited for 51 million won in June.

Fans who saw the “Washington Post” tweet judged Elling Holland too hastily. The picture was not Elling, but a woman was on it, but she ignored it.

One Twitter account admitted to the tweet, saying, “I thought I was talking about Elling Holland for a moment.”

However, the woman posted by the “Washington Post” was Debra Holland, the U.S. Secretary of Interior. The “Washington Post” did not write down its full name but just Haaland, which is why impatient fans made a mistake.

Another fan said, “In the future, the Washington Post should use its full name in tweets to avoid this confusion. Pep (Guardiola) is probably crazy,” he wrote.

Rival fans joked to Manchester City fans that it was “a heart-throbbing retweet.”

“The scoop. Holland broke his sternum. “It means that I will not be able to play for Manchester City during the first half of the upcoming season,” he mocked through the Washington Post.

Holland moved to Manchester City on 13 June. “I’m delighted to announce the signing of Holland. Holland will join the club on July 1. The contract will last five years,” he said.


He’s a candidate for release, but he’s determined to stay.I’m having a hard time with Varsha

Despite Spain’s professional football Barcelona is strengthening its power by recruiting players as planned this summer, it is not smiling. The reason is that Martin Braceweight (31), who was classified as a candidate for release, is suffering because he has no intention of leaving.

Spanish media “Sport” said on the 18th (Korea Standard Time), “Barcelona wants to sell Braceweight before the transfer market closes this summer. However, we are still struggling with the disposition due to our firm will to stay,” he said.

According to reports, Barcelona plans to break up with Braceweight, who was excluded from coach Xavi Hernandez (42, Spain)’s plan for the new season. In particular, with the recent recruitment of Robert Lewandowski (33) and Hapinha (25), the number of strikers has increased, so Braceweight is no longer needed, and they are trying to release him to the extent that he is excluded from the U.S. preseason tour list.

However, the problem is that Braceweight stubbornly refuses to transfer and shows a brazen attitude to continue with him next season. In fact, several Premier League clubs, including Valencia and Celltrion (Spain), have sent love calls until recently, but have not even negotiated, and they are still holding out to fill the remaining two years of their contracts.

In the end, Barcelona pulled out a knife, signaling a tough response. “Barcelona is now putting Braceweight first,” said Sport. “If we refuse to leave, we will go through the process of terminating the contract,” he said.

Braceweight left the CD Leganes (Spain) in February 2020 and wore a Barcelona uniform. At the beginning of his career, he played steadily, but as time went by, his chances of playing gradually decreased due to insufficient performance. To make matters worse, he was criticized for not helping the team at all and wasting his salary when he left the team due to a knee injury in September last year. He played 57 games in two and a half years, scoring only 10 goals and helping five.

In addition to Braceweight, Barcelona is also selling Netu Murara (33), Ricky Footz (22), Samuel Umtiti (28) and Oscar Mingueza (23) as candidates for release. All of them were also excluded from the U.S. preseason tour list.


Bavaria has completed the recruitment of Der Recht…the conclusion of a five-year contract

Bayern Munich have recruited Matthijs Der Ligt.

Bayern Munich announced the recruitment of Der Lecht on its official website on the 20th (Korea Standard Time). Durigt signed a five-year contract with Bayern, which will continue to play in the German Bundesliga until June 2027.

“I’m really happy to be part of such a big club,” said The Ligt, who joined the new team. Bayern is one of the most successful clubs in Germany and one of the most successful clubs in Europe and the world. From the beginning, I could feel the sincerity of the club and the coach, which convinced me. Moreover, Bayern is a club with a big goal. “I’m happy to be part of Bayern’s history,” he said.

The Ligt is considered a “leader” who will lead the entire defense with calm play as well as excellent physical conditions required for the central defender. He is also playing as a starting player in the Netherlands national team.

With the addition of Durricht, the overall young Bayern defense has found a center point. Bayern sent Nicklas Zule away for Borussia Dortmund this summer. Durigt is expected to be in charge of Bayern’s back door along with Dayot Upamecano and Luca Hernandez.

After growing up on Ajax’s youth team, Durricht played in Ajax’s first division and captured the eyes of the world. In the 2018-2019 season, Ajax created a sensation of reaching the semifinals in the UEFA Champions League. Durricht, who was born in 1999, was in charge of the defense, though it was only a contract at the time. Ajax tied Bayern Munich twice in the group stage, defeating Real Madrid in the round of 16 and Juventus in the quarterfinals.

Based on this, The Ligt moved to Juventus in the summer of 2019. It is considered to be the world’s best center back and recorded 75 million euros (about 101.3 billion won) excluding options. He played three seasons in 117 games, scoring eight goals and three assists.