Practice, practice… WOODZ, it’s already been 90 holes

In Scotland ahead of the opening

I’m sweating to get my best skills up

Tiger Woods (USA), the “golf emperor,” is more sincere than anyone else in the 150th British Open (Diophene).

Woods played a practice round at the Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland, on the morning of the 11th (Korea Standard Time). He played the first practice round until late in the evening at the old course the day before, and immediately started the second practice the next morning. After just 10 hours of rest, he went on a forced march to practice again.

Woods played 36 holes at the JP McManners Pro-Am, an event held in Limerick, Ireland, last week. He then practiced 18 holes with Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland) at the Valley Vunion Golf Club in Ireland to improve his adaptability to the windy Links course. He then moved to St. Andrews, the venue for the Open, and completed two practice rounds on the Old Course. Woods has already played his 90th hole since moving to Europe last week, wiping out concerns about his uncomfortable legs after a car accident.

Woods withdrew after finishing the third round due to a sore leg at the PGA Championship, his second competition since his car accident in May. However, Woods is intensively practicing and raising his senses ahead of the season’s last major tournament, The Open. U.S. media Golf Week said Woods checked wedges and putts during the first practice round at the Old Course, and the second practice round checked most of the clubs in the golf bag.

However, Woods did not interview reporters after the practice round. However, Justin Thomas (USA), who played the practice round together, said, “I’m happy that Woods can come here,” adding, “It’s a much easier course to walk than Augusta National or Southern Hills, the venue where I participated earlier.” Woods, as always, will find a way to do better.