He’s a candidate for release, but he’s determined to stay.I’m having a hard time with Varsha

Despite Spain’s professional football Barcelona is strengthening its power by recruiting players as planned this summer, it is not smiling. The reason is that Martin Braceweight (31), who was classified as a candidate for release, is suffering because he has no intention of leaving.

Spanish media “Sport” said on the 18th (Korea Standard Time), “Barcelona wants to sell Braceweight before the transfer market closes this summer. However, we are still struggling with the disposition due to our firm will to stay,” he said.

According to reports, Barcelona plans to break up with Braceweight, who was excluded from coach Xavi Hernandez (42, Spain)’s plan for the new season. In particular, with the recent recruitment of Robert Lewandowski (33) and Hapinha (25), the number of strikers has increased, so Braceweight is no longer needed, and they are trying to release him to the extent that he is excluded from the U.S. preseason tour list.

However, the problem is that Braceweight stubbornly refuses to transfer and shows a brazen attitude to continue with him next season. In fact, several Premier League clubs, including Valencia and Celltrion (Spain), have sent love calls until recently, but have not even negotiated, and they are still holding out to fill the remaining two years of their contracts.

In the end, Barcelona pulled out a knife, signaling a tough response. “Barcelona is now putting Braceweight first,” said Sport. “If we refuse to leave, we will go through the process of terminating the contract,” he said.

Braceweight left the CD Leganes (Spain) in February 2020 and wore a Barcelona uniform. At the beginning of his career, he played steadily, but as time went by, his chances of playing gradually decreased due to insufficient performance. To make matters worse, he was criticized for not helping the team at all and wasting his salary when he left the team due to a knee injury in September last year. He played 57 games in two and a half years, scoring only 10 goals and helping five.

In addition to Braceweight, Barcelona is also selling Netu Murara (33), Ricky Footz (22), Samuel Umtiti (28) and Oscar Mingueza (23) as candidates for release. All of them were also excluded from the U.S. preseason tour list.

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