Holland has a fractured knee?→ Manchester City fans’ panic…At the news of the twist, I was like, “Phew.”

“Holland suffered a broken nasal bone?”

English Premier League Manchester City fans are in panic. Now, the team has gone on a pre-season tour to the United States because the Washington Post, one of the most prestigious newspapers in the United States, reported the rise of Holland. However, it turned out that it was a happening caused by the fans’ misunderstanding.

Britain’s “Daily Mail” reported on the 19th that “Manchester City fans were in panic because of the Washington Post’s tweet.”

Here’s the story. The Washington Post tweeted that Holland had broken his nasal bone. Manchester City fans who saw the tweet immediately panicked. The nasal bone is said to be the bone on the outside of the joint below the knee.

The Washington Post tweeted, “It is unclear how serious Holland’s injury is, when the nasal fracture occurred, and how long the treatment period is.”

However, Manchester City fans who only saw this tweet mistook it as Elling Holland, who was recruited for 51 million won in June.

Fans who saw the “Washington Post” tweet judged Elling Holland too hastily. The picture was not Elling, but a woman was on it, but she ignored it.

One Twitter account admitted to the tweet, saying, “I thought I was talking about Elling Holland for a moment.”

However, the woman posted by the “Washington Post” was Debra Holland, the U.S. Secretary of Interior. The “Washington Post” did not write down its full name but just Haaland, which is why impatient fans made a mistake.

Another fan said, “In the future, the Washington Post should use its full name in tweets to avoid this confusion. Pep (Guardiola) is probably crazy,” he wrote.

Rival fans joked to Manchester City fans that it was “a heart-throbbing retweet.”

“The scoop. Holland broke his sternum. “It means that I will not be able to play for Manchester City during the first half of the upcoming season,” he mocked through the Washington Post.

Holland moved to Manchester City on 13 June. “I’m delighted to announce the signing of Holland. Holland will join the club on July 1. The contract will last five years,” he said.