Totally hooked on Tottenham MF… No transfer fee, Manchester United’s junior

Villarreal’s willingness to recruit Giovanni Lo Celso (26, Tottenham) is great. Even the recruitment of Edinson Cavani (35), a Manchester United striker who can be recruited without a transfer fee, has been postponed to a “subordinate.”

Spain’s As said on the 20th (Korea Standard Time), “Villa Real will seek to recruit Cavani only after transferring existing strikers such as Paco Alcacer and Arnaut Danjuma,” adding, “However, if transfer funds are raised due to the transfer of the striker, Rosselso will be the top priority.”

According to reports, Cavani can be recruited without a transfer fee after his contract with Manchester United has ended, but Villarreal’s transfer of the existing striker should be premised. And even if the strikers leave, Villarreal’s club’s recruitment of Lo Celso is the “first priority” before recruiting Cavani, according to the local explanation.

Villarreal’s “all-in” recruitment of Lo Celso is because he played as the core of the team after being recruited from Tottenham on loan in the second half of last season. He was loaned to Villarreal as if he was kicked out because he had no place in Tottenham, but he played so well that he was at the center of the team’s UEFA Champions League semifinal sensation.

As a result, Villarreal clubs such as Unai Emery are continuing to promote the recruitment of Lo Celso. As Lo Celso was virtually on the release list, including being excluded from the Korean pre-season tour list, Villarreal can recruit him if Tottenham meets the level of transfer fees they want. Lo Celso is also said to want to transfer to Villarreal.

Villarreal’s plan is to arrange existing players, especially strikers, to raise transfer funds and embrace Celso first. This is why the recruitment of Cavani, who can be recruited without a transfer fee, has been pushed back to the back. Cavani can sign with other clubs at any time, but he is firmly putting only Lo Celso as his top priority.

As said, “The transfer of Alcacer or Danzuma will not lead to Cavani’s immediate recruitment,” adding, “Villareal’s plan is to reinvest in Celso’s recruitment with profits from the transfer of existing strikers.” “This is a priority over the recruitment of Cavani and other strikers,” he added.

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