Kim Yeon-kyung’s request to return to Korean National University → Kim Yeon-kyung’s answers are forsaken by the association…Why?

Volleyball Empress Kim Yeon-kyung has returned to Heungkuk Life. What about returning to the national team?

Among volleyball fans, Kim Yeon-kyung is eager to return to the national team. Even volleyball players say that Kim Yeon-kyung is the only one who can save the “crisis women’s volleyball.”

What does the Korea Volleyball Association think about Kim Yeon-kyung’s selection? For now, it has been confirmed that Cesar is not on the list of 16 national team members to be dispatched to the upcoming World Championships in September. I checked with multiple coaches who attended the meeting with Cesar on the 6th, but there was no name on the list of 16 players.

Then was the volleyball association letting go? No, it is said that he made secret contact with Kim Yeon-kyung. It is said that Kim Yeon-kyung was so busy that she couldn’t meet him and was connected after several phone calls.

In particular, the volleyball association’s women’s performance improvement director is Park Ki-joo, Kim Yeon-kyung’s teacher at Hanbom High School. Coach Park reportedly contacted Kim Yeon-kyung.

Coach Park recently said in a phone call with My Daily, “I officially asked Kim Yeon-kyung to return to the national team.”

However, Kim Yeon-kyung’s answer was firm. Director Park explained that Kim Yeon-kyung refused, saying, “It is a process that must be experienced once anyway.”

Kim Yeon-kyung has served the national team for 17 years. And after the last Tokyo Olympics, the national team announced that it would be no longer weird.

However, South Korea’s women’s volleyball team was the only one among the 16 participating countries in the VNL that ended earlier this month to suffer a loss of all 12 games and a draw.

That’s why the association begged Kim Yeon-kyung to help play women’s volleyball in crisis.

Kim Yeon-kyung will return to the national team againEven if you retire, you have to go through the process again, so if you are going to go through it anyway, it would be better to go through it as soon as possible.It means, “If you get hit, it’s better to get hit quickly.”

It is said that director Park Ki-joo gave up Kim Yeon-kyung’s return to the national team because Kim Yeon-kyung’s intention was so firm.

Meanwhile, Kim Yeon-kyung said at a press conference to return to Korea in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do, on the 8th, “It is positive that the national team has shown a good performance as it goes forward in the VNL,” adding, “We needed to go and practice.” I think if I supplement well and prepare well for the world championships, I will show better performance than VNL.”

As Kim Yeon-kyung said, I believe the national team will perform better in the world championships than in the VNL. Because it is the women’s national team that has no place to fall further, so of course, it has no choice but to show a “better appearance.” Of course, it is a separate matter from passing the qualifying round at the world championships.