“Additional $170 billion to recruit Neymar”…All-time transfer window Overpay Eleven

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) reportedly paid (198 million (about 171.1 billion won) more than the market value by recruiting Neymar (Brazil) from Barcelona (Spain) for the highest transfer fee ever.

Britain’s Gibmisport introduced 11 players who transferred at a transfer fee higher than the market value on the 10th (local time). The media mentioned players who recorded transfer fees higher than the market valuation of transfer site TransferMarkt by position.

Neymar, who recorded a transfer fee of (199.8 million (about 31.4 billion won) when he moved from Barcelona to PSG in 2017, paid 운드를198 million more than the market value of (90 million (about 140.2 billion won) at the time. In addition, PSG paid 162 million pounds (about 252.6 billion won) in transfer fees by fully recruiting Mbappe (France) from Monaco in 2018, paying 54 million pounds (about 84.2 billion won) more than the market value at the time.

Maguire (England) and Pogba (France), which were recruited by Manchester United (hereinafter referred to as Manchester United), were also found to have paid much higher market value as transfer fees. When Manchester United recruited Pogba from Juventus (Italy) in 2016, it was revealed that they paid (94.5 million (about KRW 147.3 billion), the highest transfer fee ever, and paid (31.5 million (about KRW 49.1 billion) more than the market value. Pogba left Manchester United without a transfer fee after another contract expired following 2012. Maguire (England), which Manchester United recruited from Leicester City, paid 36 million pounds (about 56.1 billion won) more than the market value. Maguire, who led the Manchester United defense last season, was also criticized for his controversial performance.

Barcelona reportedly paid (91.8 million (about 143.1 billion won) more than its market value when it recruited Dembere (France) from Dortmund (Germany. Barcelona also invested 40.5 million pounds (about 63.1 billion won) more than the market value in Liverpool’s recruitment of Coutinho (Brazil). It was also revealed that Manchester City had acquired Grillish (England), The Brynner (Belgium) and LaPorte (England) for much higher than the market value, while Liverpool paid (49.19 million (about 76.7 billion) more than the market value of Van Dyke (the Netherlands) from Southampton.