Son Heung-min’s team K League against Tottenham reveals his uniform and back number

The team K-League uniform, which will face Son Heung-min’s team Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premier League (EPL), was unveiled on the 11th.

The uniform, produced by Adidas, the official sponsor of the K League, is black and gold is used for the player’s number and name. The emblem of the team K League was attached to the right sleeve.

On the front chest of the uniform, the name of the game coupon that can be used on both “FIFA Online 4” and “FIFA Mobile” is engraved in gold. Coupon names will be released in different versions in the first and second half of the game.

Seongnam Kim Ji-soo came out as a model to reveal the uniform. Born in 2004, Kim Ji-soo received attention as the youngest registered player in the K-League this season and Seongnam’s first semi-professional player, and this time he was selected for the team K-League and became more widely known.

The uniform numbers of the team’s K-League players were also released. Goalkeeper Kim Young-kwang was 41st and Cho Hyun-woo was 21st, and both players had the same back number as their teams. The defenders are Kim Jin-soo No. 3, Jung Tae-wook No. 4, Kim Jin-hyuk No. 7, Park Seung-wook No. 14, Lee Ki-je No. 23, Kim Ji-soo No. 36, Bultois No. 44, and Kim Dong-min No. 47.

Midfielder Lee Myung-joo No. 5, Shin Jin-ho No. 6, Baek Seung-ho No. 8, Lee Seung-woo No. 10, Amano No. 11, Jeso No. 12, Kim Dae-won No. 17, Kwon Chang-hoon No. 22, Yang Hyun-joon No. 27, and striker Cho Kyu-sung No. 9, Cho Young-wook No. 18, and Ras will be on the field. 19.

Meanwhile, the match between the K League and Tottenham will be held at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, the 13th at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.