Kim Min-jae, Napoli ‘Completed Transfer Agreement’…an annual salary of 2.5 million euros plus a three-year contract

Kim Min-jae (Fenerbache) is on the fast track with Napoli. It was connected to a number of big teams, but the final destination seems to be Naples.

On the 21st (Korea Standard Time), “Cultope Calcio,” which specializes in Italian soccer news, said, “Fenerbache central defender Kim Min-jae has completed a verbal agreement with Napoli. He leaves Fenerbahce for the top five European leagues. Napoli are set to recruit a second central defender, he said.

Reporter Guillaume of “Euro Sports,” which deals with European soccer news, also nodded to rumors of Kim Min-jae’s transfer. Napoli beat Stadren. The contract was signed by 2027, and the annual salary will be 2.5 million euros (about 3.3 billion won). “The buyout clause of 20 million euros (about 26.8 billion won) will be invoked.”

Italian journalist “Nicolasquira” also said the contract until 2027, but according to “Di Marzio,” who followed Kim Min-jae’s news, detailed negotiations revealed that he signed a three-year contract without options.

News of Napoli’s dominance over Stadren has already spread throughout Europe. European transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano said, “Stadren and Kim Min-jae made a verbal agreement last week, but Napoli did not give up,” and Italian expert Di Marzio said, “Kim Min-jae and Stadren have moved away.” We are getting closer to Napoli.”

As big journalists in Europe weave Kim Min-jae and Naples, they are getting closer to the official announcement.

In fact, Kim Min-jae’s transfer is a big blow to Fenerbahce and me, said Kim Min-jae at an official press conference with Dinamo Kiiou, the head coach of Jeju’s “UEFA Champions League Qualification for the 2023-22 season.” Fenerbahce cannot do anything in this situation. The team negotiating with Kim Min-jae decided to pay for the buyout. He was a really important player in our tactics. However, we need to fill the gap well because there are other outstanding players,” he admitted.

In the local area, the agreement with Napoli has ended in a big framework, and only detailed coordination is left. For Kim Min-jae, Napoli, who can play in the Champions League, is more attractive than Stadren, who plays in the Europa League.

Napoli sought a replacement for Kalidou Koulibaly this summer. He was connected to Abdu Diallo of Paris Saint-Germain, but he approached Kim Min-jae strongly. Napoli recruited central defender Leo 스티stigor, but he is more likely to be a rotation resource than a main player. If Kim Min-jae joins Napoli, the competition for the starting lineup will be easier.

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