Conte “Recruit Spence, that’s not what I wanted.”It was the choice of the club

Jed Spence (21) wore a Tottenham uniform.

Tottenham announced on its official website on the 19th (Korea Standard Time) that it has recruited Spence from Middlesbrough. The contract period is five years until 2027, and the transfer fee is known to be 20 million pounds (about 31.5 billion won).

Spence is a 184 cm right-back. Spence, who has played for Middlesbrough since 2018, was loaned to Nottingham Forest last season and took the lead in the club’s promotion to the Premier League.

He was so influential that he was included in the season’s best Eleven selected by the English Professional Footballers’ Association and the English Football League. He scored three goals and five assists in 46 games last season.

The biggest advantage is the destructive dribble breakthrough from the side. Based on active overlapping, it also has excellent one-on-one defense. There was no opponent in the second division.

He is expected to become a key player under Antonio Conte. However, according to the British media “Daily Mail” on the 19th, Spence was the player that Tottenham wanted, not the concept.

“Spence is the result of the club’s investment,” Conte said. “The club wanted him. I said, ‘I like it. This player is young and showed that he can be an important player for our team,’ he said. “In the end, the club decided to recruit him,” he said.

Conte considers the value of the wingback important while using the back-three defense. In the meantime, the weight of the right wingback has fallen. Matt Doherty and Emerson Royal are holding out, but their influence was not great. Recently, even Lucas Moura is competing by changing his position. With the addition of Spence, the wingback position became stronger.

Tottenham acknowledged Spence’s potential. “We started recruiting Fabio Paratic after seeing Nottingham Forest lead the promotion to the Premier League last season,” the media said.

“I’ve achieved my dream of playing in the Premier League,” said Premier League. “It’s an honor to play for a big club like Tottenham,” he said.

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