Levy’s chairman has changed.Transfer Expenditure Becomes No

While Tottenham Hotspur, an English professional football team, continues its recruitment process this summer, statistics show that it has spent the most transfer fees among 20 Premier League clubs so far. As he shows a different appearance than usual, a lot of attention is being paid to him.

Tottenham did not invest a large transfer fee in recruiting players in accordance with the principle of Chairman Daniel Levy (60, England), who had been called a “scrupulous person.” As a result, it was common to miss a player who was always pushed back in recruitment, and naturally, it was far from the championship. In fact, Tottenham has no trophy since winning the English Football League (EFL) Cup in 2008.

However, Chairman Levy is continuing to take a completely different step this year. At the request of Antonio Conte (52, Italy), who wanted to have the competitiveness of the squad even before the end of last season, he is giving support by investing huge transfer fees.

As a result, even though the transfer window is still more than a month away, it has already recruited six players. Ivan Perisic (33), Fraser Foster (34), Hishalisson (25), Eve Bisuma (25), Clemant Langley (27) and Jed Spence (21) have newly worn Tottenham uniforms this summer.

Naturally, it ranked No. 1 in transfer fee spending among Premier League clubs. British media “Sky Sports” reported on the 20th (Korea Standard Time) that “Tottenham has spent the most transfer fees in the Premier League so far after the opening of the summer transfer market.”

According to reports, Tottenham’s transfer fee amounts to (115 million (about 181 billion won). He invested (60 million (about 94.5 billion) in recruiting Hishalisson, and spent 35 million (about 3,55 billion) and 3120 million (about 31.5 billion) to bring in Bisuma and Spence, respectively. Perii는 and Foster are free agents, while Langley are on loan.

The gap with second-place Manchester City is 13.9 million pounds (about 22 billion won). Behind them were Leeds United ()95.4 million), Liverpool (),91.5 million), Arsenal (),89.5 million), and Chelsea ()81.5 million).

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