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The end of Novak’s rule – a Serb relinquished the throne!

It had to happen once – Novak Djokovic is not officially the first tennis player in the world as of today.

After all the problems caused by the non-vaccination against the crown virus, expulsion from the Australian Open, the ban on entering the United States, due to which he missed the masters in Indian Wells and Miami, Novak Djokovic began to shake the tennis throne.

The defeat by Rafael Nadal in the quarterfinals of Roland Garros meant the end of Novak’s rule, and today the new ATP list officially confirmed that. After 373 weeks spent in the first place, Djokovic ceded the throne to the Russian Danilo Medvedev, while the second place was taken by the German Sasa Zverev, the Serb is now the third player in the world. Behind Djokovic is Rafael Nadal in the fourth position, and his place in the top 10 was taken by Casper Rudd, Stefanos Cicipas, Carlos Alcaraz, Andrei Rublev, Felix Auger-Aliasim and Matea Beretini.

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