Can’t Tottenham debut on “SKKR Line”? Kulusevsky, get out of here with a limp

Dejan Kulusevsky (22, Tottenham) held his legs in the first public training session on the Korean tour.

Tottenham Open Training took place at Seoul World Cup Stadium from 6 p.m. on the 11th. 26 players from Tottenham’s first team, including Son Heung-min, Harry Kane, Hishalisson, Eric Dyer, and Hugo Lloris, stepped on the Sangam ground. They responded by waving their hands to the cheers of their fans.

Among them, Kulusevsky could not be seen for long. After a short conversation with the coaches, he entered the locker room. It doesn’t seem to be a serious injury from walking out in personally appear to be a serious injury. Kulusevsky played in the main team with Son Heung-min and Kane until he was excluded from training.

Tottenham’s training continued even after Kulusevsky left. They continued to build up and attack using two-thirds of the ground. When goalkeeper Lloris handed the ball to the defense, it was a training session to distribute passes through the side to the front line.

After the training, running to and from the ground continued. The training ended after about 20 round trips. At the end of the training, Son Heung-min and Kane collapsed exhausted. Fans who saw the scene applauded once again to cheer up the players.

Tottenham formed a ‘SKKR offensive team’ ahead of the new season. The team has set up the strongest offensive team in the English Premier League (EPL) by adding existing resources Son Heung-min (S), Kane (K), and Kulusevsky (K) and Hishalisson (R). Hishalisson is a Brazilian striker who left Everton for Tottenham in early July. Tottenham handed Hishalisson the ninth uniform.

Tottenham will play the first game of the “Coupang Play Series” against the Team K League at Seoul World Cup Stadium at 8 p.m. on the 13th. On the 16th, he will play the second game against Sevilla at Suwon World Cup Stadium and finish his tour in Korea.

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