“Real fan” Koulousebski, who also exploded Son Heung-min…”Kain! Give Heungmin a free kick!”

I think I really like Son Heung-min at this point. Dejan Kouloussefsky’s remarks during the preseason tour drew attention in the UK.

Tottenham Hotspur recently wrapped up their tour in Korea. After entering the country through Incheon International Airport on the 10th, he played a friendly match with the K League, which consists of K League All-Star, on the 13th, and faced Seville FC on the 16th. In addition, Tottenham has become a “national club” during the pre-season tour, building good feelings in many ways through two open training sessions and various fan services.

Kuloussefsky’s remarks made headlines during the tour. Britain’s “Sports Bible” highlighted Koulousebski’s remarks, saying, “Tottenham’s striker Koulousebski sent a pleasant message to Harry Kane to allow Son Heung-min to kick without a free kick.”

Among the many schedules played by the Tottenham team was an interview with Coupang Play, which hosted the pre-season tour. Ryan Sessegnon, Ben Davies, and Son Heung-min, including Koulousepski, sat down.

The interviewer’s question to Kuloussefsky was like this. Three minutes before the end of the game, the score is 1-1. If he wins a free kick in this important situation, who will he choose as a free kick kicker between Kane and Son Heung-min? Kane is currently in charge of free kicks at Tottenham. In general, Kane is right to kick.

However, Kouloussefsky’s idea was different. “Hi Harry (Kane), I think you’re one of the best strikers in the world. However, if I get a free kick opportunity on Wednesday (13th), I think Son Heung-min should kick it,” he sent a “video letter” to Kane. Son Heung-min, who watched Kuloussefsky’s video letter from the side, burst into laughter.

The opinion that Son Heung-min should be appointed as a free-kick player is not just an individual opinion of Kouloussefsky. As Son Heung-min’s toes are getting sharper day after day, there are opinions among local fans that Son Heung-min should be entrusted with a free kick. This opinion was even more supportive as Son Heung-min scored with a fantastic free kick in two of the four consecutive A matches held last month.

The interview was conducted before the match against the team K League. In that game, Tottenham got a free kick opportunity right in front of the box, and Kane, not Son Heung-min, scored the goal himself. Kane made a heartwarming scene by allowing Son Heung-min to kick a penalty kick, although he did not concede to Son Heung-min.

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